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Volante Serrata Review

Volante SerrataA review of the Volante Serrata Wheels by team rider Richard Edmunds.

A particularly "freeridey" looking wheel, the Serrata comes packed with features that make it an undercover downhill skating machine. Featuring a large-spoked core, the wheel is quick off the line, grippy and holds a decent top speed.

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Team Rider - Nick "Planki" Simic

Nick "Planki" SimicNick came to SA when he was only 2yrs old (he was born in Serbia). He lived in Johannesburg until the end of matric, then moved down to Port Elizabeth to study Architectural Technology at NMMU, and that’s where he met Renier van Staden and got into skating! He used to skate to varsity and after hours he would skate with Ren and the boys as often as he could “as Architecture had me by the balls!!” 4 years later and he is back in Johannesburg again and working at a firm! “Architecture still got me by the balls, except this time I’m wearing a ball box and not letting it absorb my free time too much..” Nick also makes an appearance at Jozi X every Wednesday to throw his body in every which direction and tries to land in a safe position, “i.e., not my head!!” Nick enjoys all extreme sports; even if he can’t do it he’ll watch it for days… “Normal sports are showing less and less interest in his life…”

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Team Rider - Murray "Mr Chandler" Chandler

Mr ChandlerMurray “Mr Chandler” Chandler has been in the South African downhill scene for 6 years now and his current SA ranking on the SAGRA website stands at 7.  He’s quite the busy man nowadays as he is in the process of launching his own brand of skating gear under the name, Flat Out. We recently published his sliding pucks on our site and the demand has been great! Apparently there is an upgrade on these available now and we’re hoping to launch them on the site soon. There is also news of much bigger things to come. Did someone say “precision trucks”? I managed to get him to sit still for a short while and answer a few questions. Welcome to the team Murray, stoked to have you onboard.

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Team Rider - Richard Edmunds

Richard Edmunds going toesideRichard Edmunds hails from the sleepy little town of Port Elizabeth. PE might be considered down under, but when it comes to skating, the guys mean business.  I first met Richard a few months ago when he bought his first longboard setup through Longboarding SA and shortly after that I ran into him at one of the local hills. When I first saw him skating I immediately realised that this guy is a natural on a board. I’m not sure if it’s his experience from regular skating or surfing that has allowed him this natural ability, but one thing I do know, this guy has no doubts about what to do with a board. Look out for this youngster coming up through the ranks very soon. Without further adieu, meet the man himself.

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Dickies Clothing Competition #847strong

It's competition time! Dickies clothing has a pair of #847strong pants to give away. To win them all you need to do is submit a photo of you putting your clothes to the test to prove how tough they are or how badly they failed the toughness test. Post your photo to our Facebook page with

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