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Longboard Buyers Guide Longboarding South Africa

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Cult Ism

The Cult proudly presents their "small wheel" offering. Some of their strange and slightly sinister family prefer very low topmounts and long street decks, so they concocted a plan to create the most versatile wheel yet.

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Cult Hurtler

The “Hertler” is a mysterious being. Emerging from Stuttgart’s Steezhaus, he is a true destroyer of gradients all over the world with a next-level sliding style.

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The Skateboarders Journal Magazine

The founders of The Skateboarder’s Journal have long hoped to see the full spectrum of skateboarding covered with greater depth, balance, intelligence, and perspective. After years of talking and dreaming, they decided to create a magazine that does just that and it is now available in South Africa.

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Cult Zilla

It’s back! The “mid hardness” offering in the 72mm downhill shape, the Zilla is constructed from PSYCHATHANE formula at 83a. Harder chemistry gives a faster roll speed on smoother surfaces and longer slides, and produces a harder wearing, longer lasting, better supported wheel. As always the Zilla comes with the now famous Cult Slide feeling…

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Cult Risch

Race Organiser, Road Tripper, Soul Master, Helmet Maker and Free Rider, Stephan Risch has given a lot to downhill skateboarding, so the Cult thought it apt to give something back. “We are very proud to humbly offer this wheel as a tribute to him.”

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Skate Scene Rant with Gerhard Nel

Originally posted on the Lush Longboards blog.

Transcendence, enlightenment and open mindedness are concepts over-played and ridden for all that they are worth. To some it is a source of fear – to others, it is life support. You might not know what the fuck I am talking about. It’s okay if you don’t, as I rarely know what I am talking about myself.

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