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The SHITS freeride

The Jaded Ink Show on Rock FM 91.9

Jaded Ink is a boutique body art brand that supports alternative lifestyles including those of Downhill Skateboarders and Roller Derby girls. Jaded Ink was our biggest sponsor at King of the Fort 2011 and we’ll surely have them on board again this year.

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High Rising Race Report

Written By Gerhard Nel & Stuart Barnard

On the 5th and 6th May, the annual High Rising XDH event was held at the Houwteq Science Complex, Houw Hoek. The course is one of the shortest on the South African racing circuit, but what it lacks in distance it more than makes up for in technical difficulty and notoriety.

First impression immediately


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Lush Longboards 2012 Range

The 2012 range of Lush longboards is now available in South Africa.

Lush Longboards Ltd is a company based in the UK with over 10 years experience in longboard manufacturing. Their expertise realy shows in their latest range.

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Welcome to team Sabre – Mike Upham!

Gerhard Nel intervies Mike Upham:

Mike Upham is a pretty underrated skater. A formidable street skater, his images have graced the pages of the (now extinct) Blunt Magazine more than once. Mike jumped on the scene a while ago, and his original prawn-like style, fast, low tuck, loooooong slides and skills on the jump ramp soon started turning heads. Now that the intro is over, it’s an honour for me to introduce you to Mike!!!

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