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Houwteq HDX 2011 Race Report

As you may know, this past weekend saw the Houwteq HDX 2011 downhill skateboarding race being held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Two race reports have been released so far. One from SAGRA, you can find it on their website here, and the other from First Nature. Enjoy.

Don't miss out on Hot Heels Africa 2011 IGSA World Cup starting today and running through to Sunday. More details on the Facebook event page.

Cornerstone SlideJam

Another great event coming up for you downhill skateboarding folks out there. This weekend it's the Cornerstone SlideJam in Stellenbosch!

This is from the event page on Facebook:

Cornerstone is proud to announce that they will be hosting the biggest longboard slide event in SA history!

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