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BBQ Downhill - Event Recap

Elster BBQ Downhill Freeride

The first in a series of 4 BBQ downhill freerides was epic fun for the whole family and all downhill enthusiasts.

Bones Downhill Race - Event Recap

IMG 9219

The first race in the 2017 JHB Downhill series was a lot of fun with tight racing, good vibes and free beer!

Bones Flash Race - 3 April 2016

Bones flash race Apr 3 2016 longboarding SA

Bones was one of the tightest races we had last year. This year promises to be even tighter!

Bones Flash Race - Event Details

Bones Flash Race JLC Longboarding South Africa

Round 6 in the Jo'burg Longboarders Club Flash Race series and this one will be scarier than all the rest! It's Halloween!

Gauteng Downhill Calendar 2017

JHB Downhill Longboarding SA

Once again, the Jo'burg Longboarders Club is making shit happen. With 12 events on the calendar already, 2017 looks to be the best year in downhill skateboarding that Gauteng has ever seen!

Go Skateboarding Day at LSA Greenside, JHB

Go Skateboarding Day Longboarding South Africa Shop Opening 46
21 June is International Go Skateboarding Day. We celebrated the day with a Poker Push, a game of S.K.A.T.E. and the grand opening of our physical shop in Greenside, Johannesburg. 

GripSteeze 2.0 Flash Race - Results

Craig Harvey Gripsteeze 2.0 Slipsteeze Longboarding SA

Gripsteeze turned into SlipSteeze with more slip than steeze in the wet conditions. Watch the videos at the end for some laughs.

Honda Flash Race - Results

Honda Flash Race Winners Podium Longboarding South Africa

Click through for the results  from the first Flash Race of the 2016 season!

JLC Flash Race Standings 2016


2016 Flash Race Series Standings. Hosted by the Jo'burg Longboarders Club.

Steepways Showdown - Event 2 recap

IMG 8697

The Steepways Showdown presented by Gunslinger Longboards went down this Sunday, The fastest man down the hill on the day was Mark Jansen van Rensburg.

Tuck City Flash Race - Event Details

Tuck City Night Race Longboarding SA

Round 5 in Jo'burg Longboarders Club Flash Race series and we'll be returning to the same hill as the first race, although this time the hill has been extended with another kilometer or so of brand new tar and the race will be at night! 

Tuck City Flash Race - Event Recap

Tuck City Flash Race Podium Longboarding South Africa

The 5th FLASH RACE was hosted this past Saturday, 17 October at K113 Road in Edenvale Johannesburg. This was the second Flash Race on the hill this year but this time it had an extension of 1km of brand new tar and the race was held at night! 

Tuck City Flash Race - Video

Tuck City Flash Race Video Longboarding South Africa

Rated as one of the best Flash Races from 2015, here is the video recap of the Tuck City Flash Race from last year.

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