Longboarding events around South Africa


Longboarding and skateboarding events across South Africa.

Rhino Rampage Race - Event Details

Rhino Rampage Outlaw Race Longboarding South Africa

Raw Adventures have some of the radest follow videos on their YouTube channel and now they're hosting and Outlaw Race! If you've seen their videos, you know you want to be at this event.

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Tuck City Flash Race - Event Details

Tuck City Night Race Longboarding SA

Round 5 in Jo'burg Longboarders Club Flash Race series and we'll be returning to the same hill as the first race, although this time the hill has been extended with another kilometer or so of brand new tar and the race will be at night! 

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Dookie Downhill - Event Details

Dookie Downhill Freeride and Race
Dookie Downhill Freeride and Race is hosted by First Nature on one of the most fun and technical hills we have in South Africa. You don't want to miss this one!

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