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Steepways Showdown - Event 1 Recap

Gunslinger Steepways Showdown Final

Lloyd and Oli fight it out for the top spot at the first of six Steepways Showdowns. The one on one event went down this past weekend!


Steepways Showdown - One on One -Event Recap

Craig Harvey has come together with Gunslinger Longboards , Fat Ant Bushings, Longboarding SA and The Water Healthy High alkaline to bring a six race event series over the next year or so at one of our favorite hills Steepways.

Steepways showndown shuttle back up

The First Event going down just a few days after “Go-Skateboarding” day had quite a decent show of race faces coming through. With all the crash pads and marshals in place guys had there chance to dial in lines a bit before kicking off with “Round Robin”. We started with a couple 3 man round robin heats to be able seed guys for the final Man on Man heats.There were 13 racers competing and every heat was a banger! Especially the round robin heats got pretty intersting as it was 3 man and steepz is quite a skinny road.

Steepways showdown christo

I think everyone was super grateful for the crash bags as the guys were pushing their limits of lines and grip.The push line at the start also made things very interesting leaving no one the opportunity to get to far in front and landing a couple collisions into first corner.

Was great to see a couple new faces, and watching their racing lines you wouldn't believe it was some of their first races!

Steepways showdown CJ

All in all always a great day of racing at Steepways, The final heats were super tight with a couple over takes. Christo and Jay Jay fighting it out for 3rd and 4th , both of them charging all day , Jay even rocking full leathers . And then Oli and Lloyd showing that smooth clean lines is what pays off most at The Steezways!

Steepways showdown finals 2

Steepways showndown Jay leather racer

Results: Event 1 – Man on Man
1. Lloyd Clark
2. Oli Sheppard
3. Christo Cilliers
4. Jay -Jay Brits
5. Bryn Langley

Steepways showdown event 1 Winners


A Big thank you to of course Craig Harvey, its takes a lot of time and planning to make these events work, but also to Craig's mom and sister ,the marshals, and to the shuttle drivers and the spectators! It means so much that we are able to support events like these. See you all at the next one on the 19 August 2018 – Time Trial.

Words & Photos : Peter Kohne

Steepways showdown prize giving

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