Longboarding events around South Africa

Drop: My Life Downhill - South African Premiere

The Stellenbosch longboard crew are trying to find people that would be interested in attending a premiere of "Drop: My life downhill". They are aiming for somewhere around the 19th - 26th March. Tickets should be around R35 each. Please respond to the event on Facebook, here. Peeps are asked only to respond if they are certain to attend. They need at least a 100 attendees to make the event happen.


Starring Mischo Erban, Martin Siegrist, Scott ‘Scoot’ Smith, Erik Lundberg, Kevin Reimer, James Kelly, Louis Pilloni and Noah Sakamoto, ‘Drop’ takes a compelling and incredibly cinematic look inside the sport of professional downhill skateboarding and the lives of the top riders in the world. The film blends epic mountain freeriding, spectacular race action and a narrative story taken directly from the riders themselves.

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