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Anything possibly to do with skateboarding or longboarding. The two are basically the same just as in surfing where you have shorter boards and longer boards on which you perform different maneuvers. The purists would probably argue this fact and me having skated on both longboards and shortboards will also agree that there is a world of difference, to the the layman, that is the basic explanation of it. Hopefully you'll find some useful info here to help you understand more about longboarding.

Local isn’t just lekker, it’s essential!

Your longboard shop needs youby Roeloff Horne

I’m sure that you’ve heard what I am about to say at least a billion times but as with most clichés it rings true to a point of infallibility: Longboarding is about community. It’s about friendship and sharing the stoke of the ride with everyone who cares to listen or is just nearby for that matter…

I don’t think there is a better experience than reaching the end of a hill with four friends behind you just yelling at no one in particular, whooping and cajoling until you hear pucks clacking together in celebration.

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The Philosophy of Longboarding

By Chris Rempel

Longboarding is not about ollies and kickflips; the only real trick involved in longboarding is being able to enjoy riding no matter what your ability is or what the conditions are like.

Longboarding is not about trying to be something you're not - it's about being who you are.

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Long Distance Skaters Make the News in Cape Town

Source: First Nature

Tuesday 1 February 2011 saw the launch of the first official non-motorised transport (NMT) lanes of the new MyCiTi transport system in Cape Town. Among the 300 commuters who gathered at 6am for the brief celebration and fun 8km ride were longboard skaters Justin Boast, Anton Pratt, Terry Terblanche and Richard Ward.

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What is longboarding?

Longboarding is in plain simple terms just a derivative of skateboarding. Or is it? Well I'm sure the purists will attack me for saying this but I need a starting point for this article right? At the end of this article you'll find some links to more sources on the history of this growing sport, but for now I will try my best to explain to you what exactly longboarding is.

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