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Mike Schein in Concrete Wave Magazine

Instagram sensation, Mike Schein gets Face time in the international Longboarding magazine, Concrete Wave.

Mike Schein is from Cape Town and is well known in South Africa for his crossed arms and crossed legs slides that flood our social media news feeds weekly. Besides his insane freeride skills, Mike is a legend of a guy and we're stoked with all the international recognition he's been getting. Here he is as featured on page 69 in the Rider Setups section of Concrete Wave Magazine Vol 13 no 5.

This is what Mike has to say about his setup: "I ride the Omen Mini Sugar 2.0 because it is one of the most versatile, do everything boards out there. It's got enough concave to hold you in, with a small drop in the front and yet the concave doesn't get in your way. I ride the Free Willies on it. They are predictable and leave fat thane lines. They'll Kill just enough speed to give you the confidence to skate faster every run and yet they don't slow you down incredibly - which is surprising considering their thaneable abilities. When the board and wheels are combined with my 40 degree PNL Joey's, life's a dream!

You can view this particular issue of Concrete Wave online for free here:
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