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LlandSlide 2017- Event Recap

Llandslide 2017 Yannick Lussier 2

Despite the cancellation of The Cape Argus due to extreme weather conditions, Llandslide was still a blast!

Written by: Austin van Niekerk

Photos by: Henry Shen, Yannick Lussier and Legion Collective

Despite not having fully closed roads because of the cancellation of The cape Argus, Landslide 2017 was still great and everyone had fun! Myself and the rest of our Gordons Bay Bombers crew joined in the morning and with the cold grippy tar there was a few early morning bails. Once it hit 10am or so the sun came out and heated things up. Before that the skaters were hiding in their cars because of the cold but they eventually came out to skate. The only pity was the number of emergency cars and vans that kept coming through the area where we where skating because of the unfortunate fires and the cancellation of the Cape Argus bicycle race.

Ricky then suggested that we skate at sandy bay and that's were all the skating went down for the rest of the day. Guys were killing the toesides and the gnarly heelsides.

There were prizes to win like wheels and other things which were given to the skaters with the most steeze points. Skaters that stood out to me were skaters like Kahil, Felix and Yannick and a good couple other guys I dont know their names.

Overall Llandslide 2017 was a big success. I myself had loads of fun and would like to say thanks to the organisers.

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