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Steezeways flash race- Event recap

Steezeways Flash Race June 2017

Christo Cilliers and Casper Badenhorst wanted more racing more often so they made their own flash series, Free accomadation to a skate trip to lesotho for the series winner!

 Words: Christo Cilliers

Photos: Josh Yenson

A chance to be competitive & to have fun, do some steezy freeriding & some tight, up-in-your-face close runs.
What do you do when you can’t race? You organise a new race as soon as possible, around the corner & give everyone two days notice. This was the inspiration for the Steezeways flash race.
And it didn’t disappoint.
8 longboarders pitched up & said: “let’s change the world real quick”. Instead they left thane lines on the roads, wheels closer to being cored & a day of adrenaline, excitement & near death experiences, but it was the best version of fun you can find.The day started off like any other & soon escalated from a bunch of freeriding runs with some gnarly slides & a Durban import riding goofy, pulling of some of the best standies yet, to racing real close up with some of the best riders you can find in these parts.
Racing started with “chilledout” 1 on 1’s & ended with 3 rider heats down a very narrow road lined with a pointy rock wall & super tight turns. Although the entire run is only 300 metres long & only gets you up to 45kph, it is still a dream road for longboarders as it offers us just what we need, STOKE! No more, no less.
Craig Harvsta decided to win & did the final race without putting a puck on the tar, Christo Cilliers came second because thee Lloyd Clark decided to run off after the first corner leaving him in third place at the end of the run. Apart from these guys, we had some Joburg Longboarder locals smashing the race, Bryn Langley, Casper Badenhorst, Peter Kohne, Robin Moodley & one Durban import, Oliver Shepherd.

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