Comet Skateboards

Comet Skateboards have finally made it to South African shores. Many people here have been asking for them and it's easy to see why. This is what Comet has to say about their boards.

Rugged Durability
The trees we use have more time to grow. Our proprietary glue is specially formulated for skateboards. We press each board individually under extreme pressure and temperature. Our materials and practices simply make better boards.

Works of Art
All Comet art is screen printed by hand using water-based inks and then covered with a water-proof, environmentally safe coatings. In fact, we were the first to do this. Our artists bring our brand to life.

High Precision Carving
All Comet skateboards are carved and drilled by high-precision CNC routers in Ithaca, New York. Our routers cut to within of 0.001'' – that’s less than the width of a human hair.
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