You aren't the type who lags around or skates at the rear of the pack. Neither should your next board brand. Behind the scenes at JET Skateboards there is full throttle, non-stop product development. We never look back. For 2012 the JET brand is releasing 4 new and exciting series in addition to its updated Radar series. The Hellfire, Skatera, Invasion, Air Core and Radar series take advantage of 8 mold choices and 4 construction techniques to form an incredible collection of premium decks and completes. The growing list of JET riders are constantly driving and evolving the designs to higher and higher levels.

JET Skateboards are handmade in the USA using hard rock Maple, precision molds and the finest adhesives available. We're distributed by Sk8Trip Distribution, which has the infrastructure and customer service needed to take this venture to the next level. The various models shown will cover the needs of the most demanding skaters, downhill racers and performance freeriders. Many of the decks implement drop-through designs which lowers the center of gravity. They also feature cutouts or large over sized wheel wells that help eliminate "wheel bite" for maximum lean while carving or sliding. Currently all boards are sold "deck only" without griptape but we are working on having completes available soon. For best results combine them with ABEC 11 wheels, Biltin Bearings and your favorite longboard truck (i.e., Fyre, Attack, Paris, Caliber).

JET is committed to performance and progression and keeping skateboarding as it should be - Raw, Innovative, Aggressive, Powerful and Fun! We're putting together Grom and Am programs for shops to help drive DH to younger generations that will in turn take it to new levels. Just as in Street Skating, Downhill & Freeriding have to be affordable so that all age groups can get involved. We believe those China-cheap or corporate package setups are NOT the solution. Custom decks are definitely the way to go because you'll get better components and quality without spending more money long term.

The JET Skateboards brand is also a tribute to our friend Kevin Shore who inspires us all. Every deck in the Radar Series has a small "KS" somewhere on it. Have you found it? Make sure to check out from time to time for new models and more!
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