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Since we started this section of the website it has been a huge success. We are trying to always have some or other special deal on the go, so please check in here from time to time to see what sweet deals we have on offer.
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R 100.00
R 75.00
Manufacturer: Sabre
Available as: Set of 2
Sabre has always produced high quality bushings which comprises barrels and cones.
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R 250.00
R 199.00
Manufacturer: Triple 8
The Triple Eight Anti-Glove provides the superior protection and support you expect from all Triple Eight products, but without the bulkiness of a more traditional glove
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R 470.00
R 299.00
Manufacturer: Triple 8
One of Triple Eight’s most popular protective gear items, this glove is fully padded with shock absorbing foam layers for maximum shock absorption and designed with top grain leather for style and durability
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R 350.00
Manufacturer: Triple 8
Includes Wristsavers, Kneesavers, and Elbowsavers
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R 2 299.00
Manufacturer: Rayne Longboards
Sold as: Deck only
The tight platform makes quick manoeuvring a dream - matched with the "Pleasure dome" rider transition from stand-up speed checks to railing corners is mind blowing
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