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TimeShip Racing was started in 2001 by Joe Lehm in Santa Fe, NM. He started racing in 1976 at the age of 14, doing both Slalom and Downhill and has been testing techniques, asking questions and taking notes since he first saw footage of the original downhill skateboard race at Signal Hill in 1975. Timeship Racing started out getting local skaters out of the ditches and onto the hills by creating the Sandia All Around Challenge held in Albuquerque, That event ran for 5 consecutive years, building a reputation that put New Mexico on the map as a skateboard mecca, and TimeShip riders on the podium as some of the best All Around Skaters in the world.

During that time, we developed our trademark slide gloves like Bear Paws and Tracers which helped riders push their limits by providing better protection for learning slides and training for races. Other innovations like better helmets and safety gear have been integrated into innovative products for riding, training and racing. Living in a skateboard paradise has certainly helped.

TimeShip Racing has put on over 30 events including the US Nationals twice, the North American Championships at Maryhill twice, Sandia All Around Challenge 5 times and Ditch Slap four times Our team members have raced and ridden in California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, New York, British Columbia, Quebec, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany and Australia.

30 years of skateboard evolution has been propelled by safety innovations; from foot tread to capped knee pads. Big Air, Lip Tricks, the McTwist and 50 mph slides are all examples of radical new moves following the advent of better safety gear. We encourage skaters of all disciplines, young and old to learn, practice and teach basic safety techniques to help ensure skateboarding’s longevity and diversity. TimeShip Racing is committed to the importance of riding a quiver of boards in the widest possible range of terrains, both traditional and progressive and advance Skateboarding by promoting the use of safety gear in all terrains.
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