Sabre CF-38 Baseplate (Code: BP00001)


The much anticipated CF-38 baseplate from Sabre Trucks is here!

Cold Forged from 6061-T6 Aluminium make this baseplate between 2 and 10 times stronger than other brands of regular cast baseplates and the same strength as a CNC baseplate. The strength of the forging process allows for the truck to be made much lighter than any other truck. The kingpin and pivot cup areas are CNC’d for precise fitment which gives you the benefits of a CNC truck with a lower price tag. The hollow kingpin is splined and pressed into the baseplate to reduce weight and slop with a zero strength loss. The pivot cup is encased in a deeper section of aluminium than the standard Sabre baseplates which reduces slop even further. The “double old-school mount” hole pattern allows for an adjustible wheelbase. Custom risers allow you to mount these trucks at a variety of heights on a regular “top-mount” deck. The risers are moulded from a hard PVC plastic to minimse and compression that might affect the trucks steering. The 38 degree angle of these baseplates does not make it less turny, it just means that they lean more for the amount that they turn. This translates to better stability at high speeds and more grip on the deck when sliding as the deck will be cranked over further.

  • 38 Degree angle
  • Cold Forged from 6061-T6 Aluminium billet
  • 114 grams with pivot cup and kingpin
  • CNC pivot and kingpin detail for precise truck action
  • Deeper pivot cup support for reduced slop
  • 6mm Drop-Up with Riser System allows -6mm to +17mm Adjustment in Axle Height. Drop-Up Patent licensed from Pogo Longboards.
  • 8 Hole drill pattern allows up to 46mm wheelbase adjustment (with double old-school mount)
  • Hardened Grade 8 Hollow kingpin
  • Anodised Blue, Black or Raw finish
  • Supplied with Riser System and a Sabre Pivot Cup

Price: R 399.00
Sold as: Single
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