Rayne Envy 62mm (Code: WH00055)

The Rayne Envy Series includes 62mm, 64mm and 70mm, Slide Formula, freeride and trick oriented wheels. Intended to break free, slide smooth and predictably and hook up on cue, Envy wheels are meant to be destroyed, leaving behind a trail of sugary urethane goodness.

The Rayne 62mm Envy longboard skateboard wheel is a perfect little shredder. Round lips and a center-set core make this a perfect wheel for your double kick or freeride brick.

For you park and street guys, the Envy is available in 98a - this wheel is perfect for transitions and bowls, but it still has that softer feeling for smooth slides and easy cruising.

For you freeriders, the Envy is available in a smooth-as-butter 80a - it is great for all terrain. Cement, fresh black top, cheese grater pavement, you name it, and it will shred it.

These babies are ready to go fresh out of the plastic wrap with a pre-broken-in contact patch. So what you waiting for? Make your friends "envy" your setup.

Diameter: 62mm
Durometer: 80a or 98a
Contact Patch: 32mm

Round Lip - No lip for better slip. Don't talk back.
Stone Ground - Ready to rock, the moment you pop that plastic.
Centre Set - Centre-set injection moulded core offers the right beef and balance.
Slide Thane - Smash out buttery slides with easy break out and hook up.

Price: R 560.00
Available as: Set of 4
Not available
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