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Steepways Showdown - Event 3 Recap

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The Gunslinger Steepways Showdown 3.0 went down this Sunday, Team Racing, everybody is a winner!

 Steepways Showdown 3 - Team Racing

Time for the 3rd edition of the Steepways showdown, Team racing. Everybody chose a partner to race down this short but technical track with, 1st getting 1 point and 4th getting 4 points. At the end of the day the team with the lowest score were the champions! Super scorcher of a day, we got through the heats relatively quickly as guys were always eager for another run down. Posssibly because it being team racing we were all wrapped up by 12 like intended! Thats a first. Some first time racers and some super experienced alike, good times were definitely had and skateboarding was the the true winner at the end of the day. But as for actual placings, heres how the teams ranked:

1. Team K-pax (Mark & JJ)

2. Team White Helmets (Christo & Oli)

3.Team SFO (Dan & Craig)

4. Team LSA (Lloyd & Pete)

5. Team JTT (Stephan & Shaggy)

6. Team Backpacks (Johnny, Tyne & Kumbi)

Rad day was had and everybody won something, huge shoutout to Craig and his family for all the help on the day to make it run as smoothly as possible and off course

Gunslinger Longboards

Fat Ant Bushings

The Water Essence of Eden

Words & Pics : Peter Kohne


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