Bear Trucks

Around 2004, riding styles were changing drastically and the current skateboard trucks on the market were slowly becoming outdated. This is why Bear Trucks was created; to meet the demands for a better downhill skateboard truck. They started by making precision trucks that would withstand big wheels, high speeds and tight racing. The Smokies, as they were called, were a game changer and went on to dominate the downhill race circuit. Riders slowly began to push their limits outside of downhill racing and needed a truck for this purpose. Once again, Bear stepped up to the plate by creating a cast aluminum truck know as the Grizzly. This truck has been a staple for downhill skateboarders for years now and continues to receive design upgrades to match the new riding styles that skaters develop. By working closely with our team, we’ve witnessed a new hybrid style emerge and a need for a conventional geometry truck to match this progressive skating style. With the Polar Bear trucks, our riders have blended downhill, street, and bowl skating into a new progressive way of looking at skateboarding.

Bear Trucks have kept a close tap on what is going on with downhill skateboarding for the last 10 years and this had enabled them to make trucks that keep riders skating harder and pushing their limits. Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with skateboarders and make gear that enables them to push the limits of what people thought was possible on a skateboard.
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