Kingdom Longboards

Kingdom Longboards is a father and son founded business which started as a God inspired dream and passion which has now grown into something of reality. At KL, we set our minds to handcrafting each individual board to the best of our abilities with the highest level of precision and workmanship making them one of a kind.

Each Deck is uniquely hand crafted. Our Timbers are hand selected and go through a process of being machined, glued, pressed, shaped, sanded and finally sprayed. No deck is ever the same, each having its own fingerprint of natural wood grain.

Skate your journey like no other on our handcrafted Kingdom board’s, where a piece of artwork meets with performance to create the ultimate Artwork in Action.

We have one chance to live this life, so live it to the full

Let your journey begin

Based & Made in Cape Town, South Africa

Est. 2012
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