Seismic Skate Systems

Like in the mid-1970s and mid-1980s, all-around skateboarding is once again enjoying a renaissance. Approaches that were considered “alternative” throughout most of the 1990s – such as longboarding, slalom, downhill, all-purpose cruising, and flatland freestyle – are now mainstream.

Seismic Skate Systems is proud to have helped propel that movement. Since 1994, when turning on skateboards was considered highly unfashionable, our trucks have offered the world’s most progressive carving performance. For even longer, we’ve pro-actively supported carving, racing, and freestyle by writing for magazines, lobbying movers-and-shakers in mainstream skateboarding, and helping produce elite competitions.

Seismic (pronounced size-mick) means: subject to, or caused by, an earthquake or earth vibration.

We chose this name because we’re committed to continually shaking up the skateboard market!

The skateboard industry has always lagged behind related sports in its use of advanced materials and engineering strategies. Things have recently begun to change, but evolution in equipment design has typically meant that the dimensions of decks, wheels and trucks just go up and down.

Since our beginnings, we’ve been dedicated to engineering advanced, innovative products and to encouraging diversity, open-mindedness, and forward evolution in skateboarding. We believe our sport/art can grow and prosper on the back of the pure, open-minded joy that gave birth to it in the first place!
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