The Skateboarder's Journal

The founders of The Skateboarder's Journal have long hoped to see the full spectrum of skateboarding covered with greater depth, balance, intelligence, and perspective. After years of talking and dreaming, they decided to create a magazine that does just that and it is now available in South Africa.
The Skateboarder's Journal
Jack Smith, Publisher of the Skateboarders Journal had this to say about the magazine:

Our vision is this: to respect and honor skateboard history, both the neglected aspects and the over-exposed elements, while supporting the evolution of all skateboarding disciplines as entities unto themselves - with individual subcultures that need not be chained to Old School nostalgia, despite the romantic allure of bygone Golden days.

You will find comparatively few advertisements in TSJ. Our goal is to be more reader-supported than advertiser-dependent. With fewer ads, we can devote more pages to in-depth articles about skateboarding topics that receive little attention in mainstream magazines.

You will see interviews/features with skateboarders from all eras and all disciplines: street, vert, longboard, racing, freestyle and just plain old skating. In this second decade of this new century, all-around skateboarding is once again enjoying a renaissance, just as it did in the mid-1970s through the mid-1980s, Approaches that were considered “alternative” for the last twenty years – such as longboarding, slalom, downhill, all-purpose cruising, and flatland freestyle – are now more readily accepted. TSJ will treat all of these time-honored aspects of skateboarding with the respect they deserve.

The Skateboarder’s Journal will delve into all dimensions of skateboarding – culture, history, art, travel, technology and the future. We will also bring you photography from the world’s best skate photographers.Content is foremost. It will be presented in a clean, classic format that focuses your attention on what’s important, not on indulgent graphic design.

Readers will be able to access TSJ from their iPad, iPhone, other Internet-enabled mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. Our goal is to make TSJ available to you no matter where you are, or where you may be going.
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