Lloyd Longboarding South AfricaLloyd began bombing hills on street decks in 2008 and by the time he got his first longboard (Alpha Longboards) in 2009 he was hooked. Lloyd's addiction to going fast on 4 wheels and a piece of wood pushed him to enter his first race by the end of 2009, Hot Heels Africa. By attending just about every race in South Africa since then and hosting some events of his own (King of the Fort, Dookie Downhill, Natural Descent) he gained a lot of experience and in 2013 was ranked second in South Africa, the beginning of Decio Lourenco's 4 year reign. In 2016 Lloyd was ranked second to Decio again but he has been the reigning SA Masters (over 30s) Champion since 2015. Besides racing, Lloyd has been involved in the business side of the longboarding industry since 2010 helping make quality equipment accessible to downhill skaters in South Africa at a time when there were barely any options. As the owner of Longboarding SA, Lloyd is second to none when it comes to making sure skaters get the service and equipment they need.


Peter Kohne Longboarding South AfricaPete has been on a skateboard for the majority of his life, Since the late 90's he has been obsessed with the culture and life style. Growing up in a small town in KZN with only two or three other skaters, Peter has always had a passion for skating and documenting skating. In 2007 he moved to Durban to study video production and since has worked with many skateboard related companies. Peter then picked up a longboard and experimented a bit with downhill skating, a few months later was asked to ride for Gunslinger Longboards a local Durban company which helped pump up the scene at the time. He was also the manager at Longboarding Warehouse and after they closed down he joined Troy O'sullivan to create Mamba Skate. Pete has been an active member of the downhill community attending events and filming edits for some of the best riders in the country, including one of the most memorable trips to Lesotho. Pete eats, sleeps and dreams skateboarding.


Bryn Langely Longboarding South Africa AmbassadorBryn Langley has only been skating since 2014 with humble beginnings in street skating as a child and since getting his first longboard and being introduced to the scene with the help of LongboardingSA has never looked back. He prefers to freeride more than anything and aim for big, stylish slides but he's still a slut for speed. Bryn has been part of many Outlaw events, slide jams and flash races around Gauteng and looks forward to many more. He loves to skate and all the stoke, roasties, thane and speed that comes with it.Bryn looks forward to progressing as he keeps skating harder and faster.





Mark Jansen van Rensburg Longboarding South Africa Ambassador1Mark Jansen Van Rensburg started Longboarding in Pretoria in April 2015.
His passion to drive and to go as fast as possible down any given hill is the reason for his love of racing.
He does "dabble" in free riding and enjoys it thoroughly but racing is what keeps pushing him and knowing there is always a way to go faster makes him tingle.
He started a PTA Longboarding group early 2016 and he can happily say that, although they only have about 18 active members, they are some of the most awesome people he has ever met.





christo cilliers Longboarding Sa Ambassador Christo Cilliers came onto the downhill scene late 2016, and has injected huge amounts of stoke and support . Organising sessions  nearly every weekend maybe twice a weekend and offering help and advice too anyone keen to get into Longboarding. Christo by far  makes the most effort to travel to get to sessions being that he lives far out the city, you can find him on any given Saturday or Sunday  blasting a local Gauteng spot ,he'll be the guy wearing aviators and riding Rayne Longboards and Sabre Trucks!

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