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Go Skate Lesotho

Go Skate Lesotho Longboarding SA hairpin 

After over a year of resisting the call, I finally got my shit together and with 15 other skaters, took a skate trip to the Mountain Kingdom. Along with getting my first skateboard, and nailing my first switch heelside 180, the 5 days that I spent in Lesotho were among the greatest skating moments in my life. We're so unbelievably lucky to have a limitless collection of world-class roads just a few hours' travel away from our major cities that if you aren't spending all of your money to get there, you're blowing it. Here's why...

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Lesotho #SmugglersTour - Video

Longboarding Lesotho SmugglersTour Video Longboarding SA


In March 2016 we went on another adventure in to the glorious Kingdom of Lesotho to lay down some thane on their pristine and endless mountain roads. This is a short edit of just a few of the roads we skated.

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