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Welcome To The Cult: Paul Du Plessis

Gerhard “Steeze Pony” Nel interviews Paul “The Pope” Du Plessis

I should write an awesome intro about my friend Paul.

I should tell you about his backflips, high IQ or big-ass toesides. I should tell you about how he single-handedly “invented” the modern standup slide (or powerslide, if you are one of those skate everything puritans) for us South Africans.

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Ambassador Report: Racing in Mossel Bay

Written By: Gerhard Nel

Photos By: Anton Joubert

If you haven’t raced in Mossel Bay, start filling that piggy bank.

Mossel Bay is a sleepy surf-mecca, new to the sport of downhill. Waves Surf Shop, the local surfstore/skatepark, organised the race. Much like the town, the organisers (Sheppie and Co) are on a mellow vibe and new to the sport of downhill.

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New Sabre GC-190 Trucks

We are very excited with the new shipment from Sabre. We have the Raw/Silver Gravity Cast 190mm trucks from Sabre that we have all grown to love and are even more amped to stock the Hollow/White 190mm trucks with their hollow lightweight kingpin.

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