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Cornerstone SlideJam

Another great event coming up for you downhill skateboarding folks out there. This weekend it's the Cornerstone SlideJam in Stellenbosch!

This is from the event page on Facebook:

Cornerstone is proud to announce that they will be hosting the biggest longboard slide event in SA history!

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Riding Road Mountains Event

This weekend (Saturday the 17th September) sees a new event taking place in Mossel Bay. The event will take place on the Parkside West Hill in Mossel Bay. The Bomb Surf website reports the hill to be about 750m long at a gradient of 8 degrees. Downhill skaters will cover a total distance of 1.2km.

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King of the Fort - Schanskop Downhill Challenge

The 18th and 19th of June 2011 will see Africa’s fastest longboarders and lugers gather in Pretoria and battle for the title of King Of The Fort. Powered only by gravity and the desire to win, these adrenaline junkies will be racing four at a time down the Fort Schanskop road near the Voortrekker Monument.

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Report on "Epic day of skating"

The "Epic day of skating" has come and gone. All in all, a good event and we're all hoping to see more from the "Riding Road Mountains" guys.

As always, First Nature had this awesome review about the event:

By Lloyd Clark

100 kilometers per hour on a skateboard?

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King of the Fort 2011 Report

Article from First Nature

by Massimo Bastiotto

After the success of the King of the Fort event in 2010, we were immediately excited to make it an annual event. The response from the riders after the first King of the Fort was huge and there was a lot of stoke about having another race on the South African calendar. It’s especially exciting because this is the only race outside of the Western Cape which shows that the downhill family is growing and we can look forward to having a true National Championship with a race in all the major cities in the very near future.

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6km push from Civic center to Greenpoint EcoPark

From the event page on Facebook:

The Big Ride In is an event to celebrate the newly built NMT lane. It forms part of the Tour d'Afrique.

You can see all the info on their website:

We'll be doing the last leg from the Civic Center, riding with the cyclists to the EcoPark to promote longboarding as an alternative means of transport and create AWENESS!

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