Fat Ant

Fat Ant says that FAT ANT Bushings has come a long way since I decided to take it on.

I started making Bushings because I was tired of the crap you got with your standard trucks....being a rider myself I was looking for a certain product but could not find it on the market...so I decided to make them myself.
2 Years of R&D...lots of money, crashing, and flops later found the stuff that I was happy to put my name on......and so FAT ANT was born.
......Urethane is a volatile product to work with and I pride myself on consistency.....a lot of guys carve, free ride, and race these Bushings and I have only heard awesome feedback....they took first place at our last comp in Stand-up/Luge and Buttboard.

I am also involved with Project Skateboards........so being hands-on and riding what you produce is kind of where I come from......if it feels right...it probably is...I love my product and it is going to go a long way.
There is a lot of interest Internationally as well.

I am currently working on a wider range of styles, so in the future will have a bigger range and much more shapes.

I want to take over the world...!!!!! ha ha ha

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