No Pucks Given – Event Details

No Pucks Given Longboard event Longboarding SA

No Pucks Given – Event Details

Organised by: Ricki Allardice

Date: Sunday 31 May

Time: 10am onwards

Location: Uitsig, Cape Town


No glove down longboard race.
Ladies division will be run too (they can use their pucks if they want to).
Lunch will be provided and there will be shuttles too.
The course will be made as tight as possible to ensure that you have to do standies. Bring your slippery wheels!
If it rains, we are still skating.
For those of you who think you can’t race the standy event, don’t stress, a conventional race bracket will be run too. The only catch is that you have to skate slide wheels. Same rules as last time, no bigger than 72mm, no sharp lips and harder than 80a. (no Rad Release and no DTC’s, you skelms know who you are )

Sponsors: Longboarding SA, Bustin, Gunslinger

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