Steepways Showdown – Event 4 recap

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Steepways Showdown – Event 4 recap

 Steepways Showdown 4 – Round Robin Racing

The fourth installment of the Steepways showdown event was last Sunday, we had postponed it a few months because of other races around SA and Craig unfortunately having a knee injury. Never the less Craig still put on an amazing day of skateboarding, with slightly fewer competitors than usual but great stoke all around. A total of 9 racers meant everybody had at least 8 heats! At the end of the days racing, we had a few ties. The tiebreaker for 1st was between Jay Jay And Mark, with Mark sneaking in front again for 1st. Huge Shoutout to Craig and family for making these rad days happen and not even skating himself! Thanks, Gunslinger Longboards, Fat Ant Bushings, and The Water essence of Eden.


1. Mark jansen Van Rensburg (9 points)

2. Jay Jay Brits (9 points)

3. Juan White (11 points)

4. Peter Kohne , Stephan Engelbrecht, Christo Cilliers  (12 points)

5. Storm Johnson (13 points)

6. Rob Harington-johnson , KC Johnson (15 points)

Details for Round 5 will be out soon, as far as we know how it will be Standy race as well as some puckdowns on the day, will probably be around May, and then Finals to be held in JUNE.

Words: Peter Kohne

Photos: Gordon Roodt

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