Guy Fawkes Slide Jam 2.0 event recap


Guy Fawkes Slide Jam 2.0 event recap

“Remember, remember the 5th of November”, is the slogan we used last year which piqued the interests of skaters and spectators alike and drew out faces we had never seen before.

That was last year…

This year was no different, (except the date), and although we had fewer new faces this year, everyone had just as much fun. It goes without saying that the scene is not dead.

The event saw about 20 people sign up to compete and about another 10 skaters just sharing the stoke. The spectators made the event that much more enjoyable by cheering on the skaters which naturally resulted in everyone becoming either very creative with their slides or just sending massive toesides at 50+kph.

A huge shout-out to all the sponsors for providing us with so many prizes on such short notice.
In fact, there were so many prizes we had to start thinking up new categories on the fly.
A crowd favourite was definitely the Limbo Jam. Some skaters even started going so low they scraped their noses and chins in an attempt to win. (we might even need nipple tape for the next event).
As usual with PTA events we let the skaters decide who takes King of Steeze.
On a serious note though, our community has so much support from the Longboarding stores in South Africa, we should all host more events and support these stores.

With 3 people tied for King of Steeze, Bryn, Giloume, and Thomas all having 8 bands, Giloume gave Thomas one of his bands to make him the deserved Guy Fawkes 2017 King of Steeze.

Events: Longest Top Corner: Giloume
Longest Bottom Corner: Mike
Longest Puck Down: Henco
Bail of the Day: Bryn
Limbo Jam: Shaggy
Best Trick: Giloume
King of Steeze: Thomas


Longboarding SA

Gunslinger Longboards

PEG World

4 am

Gauteng Grom Squad

Black Sheep Extreme

Vayanova Photography

PTA Longboarders

MMDS Pucks

Written by PTA Longboarders
Photos and Videos by Maryke Van Der Watt and Mark Jansen Van Rensburg
Stephan Engelbrecht as MC for the event

Event Video recap:

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