Bones Flash Race – Results

Bones Flash Race Podium Longboarding SA

Bones Flash Race – Results

Once again, qualifying was done with 2 man heats and the final racing with 4 man heats. This meant twice as much racing for everyone!

Torry was the favourite for the day and had a close race against Lloyd in the last round of the qualifying heats. Torry scrubbed a little too much in the final corner, went wide, and let Lloyd through to take the top qualifying position.

In the semi-finals of the 4 man heat,s Torry was dealt some more bad luck when he and Tertius crashed each other out in the final corner! Victor came through cleanly right behind them and Tertius was up before Tory to take the last spot in the final. 

In the Final, it was Lloyd, Joey, Victor, and Tertius. Tertius pushed out the way in front with Victor and Lloyd chasing him down and Joey was just stoked to be in the seniors final! Lloyd passed Victor in the first corner but couldn’t catch Tertius before the finish line.

Well done to Tertius for taking the top spot at the First Flash race that he actually raced! And We’ll be done for juniors Victor (17) and Joey (13) for making the final!

Qualifying Results:

1. Lloyd Clark

2. Torry Horrigan

3. Tertius Naberman

4. Elster Pieterse

5. Mark Jansen Van Rensburg

6. Victor Peenz

7. Seb Schneider

8. Bryn Langley

9. James Bahlman

10. Graham Gerber

11. Shawn 

12. Casper

13. Joey Van Der Merwe

14. Roeland Van Den Berg

Final Results:

1. Tertius Naberman

2. Lloyd Clark

3. Victor Peens

4. Joey Van Der Merwe

5. Seb Schneider

6. James Bahlman

7. Casper 

8. Torry Horrigan

9. Mark Jansen Van Rensburg

10. Bryn Langley

11. Graham Gerber

12. Shawn 

13. Elster Pieterse

14. Roeland Van Den Berg

Junior (u16) Results:

1. Joey Van Der Merwe

2. James Bahlman

3. Roeland Van Den Berg

4. Emelio

Full standings for the 2016 Flash Race Series hosted by the Jo’burg Longboarders Club. Click here.

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