Another Downhill Skateboarding event for Mossel Bay

Riding Road Mountains February 2012 flyer

Another Downhill Skateboarding event for Mossel Bay

Competitors will start at the corner of 17th & 18th avenue. They will then go down 17th avenue where, after 320m, there’s a speedbump and directly after that a chicane. The first corner is a medium left and goes directly into a 90 degree right hander and then it’s the hill of just over 500m. After the hill it is another 150m to the finish line. In total the course is 1.1km.

According to the organisers they are planning the event using a “Super mass format” (6 per heat), top 3 advance and bottom 3 gets knocked out. Practice and prelims on Saturday, 4th February and the final heat on Sunday, 5th February. According to the flyer, over R30 000 in prize money will be up for grabs.

Downhill course map

Seeing as the event is happening in February this year as opposed to September last year, makes me wonder if the organisers might be planning two events for the year?

Follow the event on Facebook, here and some more info on SAGRA’s website, here.

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