Fair Cape – Event Details

Fair Cape Downhill Skateboarding Challenge 2016 Longboarding SA

Fair Cape – Event Details

Hosted by: Niva Surf Co

Date: 28-29 May 2016

Time: 8am to 6pm both days.

Place: Malanshoogte Road, Durbanville, Western Cape. (Google Maps Location)

Entries: Click here to enter

Entry Fee: Early Bird Entries are open from 7 May – 12 May @ R300
General entries are available from 13 May – 21 May @ R450
Late entry fees will apply from 22 May until Midnight on 26 May @ R550
Entries received on the 27th of May will be charged at R650. No entries will be accepted on the 28th of May.
Additional Category is R100.
LATE Additional Category is R200

Details: Fair Cape is the fastest hill that we currently have a race on in South Africa with speeds of just over 100km/h possible if there is a tailwind. That said, it is also the straightest. It is possible to stay in full tuck over the full course even with a howling tailwind and the only corner to speak of is the right-hander just before the drop where you will reach maximum speed just before crossing the finish line. With 6 man heats the racing can get quite exciting with drafting tactics but you better have been eating your pap-en-wors and putting on some extra weight if you plan to win this one, it favours the heavier guys big time. Fair Cape is a good race for beginners since all you need to do is go fast! No scary corners to challenge your hay bale destroying skills.  


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