King of the Fort – Event Details

King of the Fort 2016 SAGRA First Nature Longboarding SA

King of the Fort – Event Details

Hosted by: First Nature

Date: 2 – 3 July 2016


   7:00: set-up
   8:00: Rider Check-in
   10:00: Practice Runs begin
   14:00ish: Round Robin Racing!
   17:00 pack up for the day.

   7:00: set-up
   8:00 Warm-up runs
   11:00 Final Racing begins
   Prizegiving will follow as soon as the final racing is completed and should be around 3 or 5pm

Place: Fort Schanskop at the Voortrekker Monument near Pretoria. (Google Maps Location

Entries: Visit

Entry Fees:
Pay before 27 May: R450
Pay before 3 June: R500
Pay before 17 June: R550
Pay before 24 June: R600
Entries close on 24 June
Add R50 for each additional category
Entry is free for spectators

Details: 60km/h is about the fastest you’ll get on this hill but that doesn’t mean it’s not technically challenging or any fun. The hill is 1.7km long and has more corners than any other race in South Africa. After the push-off the course is at its steepest, and also features the fastest corner of the track, The Big Left. Here you’ll need to maintain as much speed as possible to keep up with competition through the long ‘Pearly Gates Straight’. After the Pearly Gates, the riders enter a set of S-bends which leads to the decider on the course, “The Chicane”. The Chicane is two 90 degree corners directly one after the other, hard right into a harder left. Riders usually bunch up at this point and a good line through the chicane will determine the winner. This is also the part of the course where spectators and off-track entertainment are situated and it always makes for an exciting racing experience.

fort schanskop map

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