Honda Flash Race – Event Details

Honda Flash Race

Honda Flash Race – Event Details

Saturday 30 January 2016.

5pm set-up and practice.
7pm Racing begins. 

The Honda Dealership on the corner of Peter Place and William Nicol, Sandton. More details on the spot here:

Entry Fee:
R30 (this goes towards prizes and organising. Prizes are random so they don’t only go to the winners.)

What to bring: 
Your own drinks and supplies. 
Brightly coloured clothing and lights (it’s a night race)

This race is suitable for beginners so don’t miss it! Even if you’re not ready to race, come check it out. 
Entrants skate at their own risk and no responsibility is taken for spectators either. 
Helmets and gloves are compulsory, knee and elbow pads are recommended. 
Make sure you’re on the Jo’burg Longboarders Club on Facebook to keep up to date about all the Flash Races this year.

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