ABEC 11 Classic ZigZags Review

Nicky Taylor Reviews ABEC 11 Classic ZigZags Longboarding South Africa

ABEC 11 Classic ZigZags Review

ABEC 11 Classic ZigZags 78a (also available in 81a). 

Diameter: 70mm (53mm when cored)
Contact Patch: 51.5mm
Hub: Offset

These wheels are super nice when it comes to bombing hills and popping pre-drifts and overall they’re a good freeride wheel too making them great for all types of skating. 

The lifespan is pretty good. A set lasts me about 6 months. For a heavier guy, they should last 3 weeks to a month, depending on how often you ride. Once they get smaller they do cone quite a bit so flip them around between each session to make them last longer. 

They have a very nice transition from the kick out to the hook-up. The hook-up is pretty smooth, you won’t get whiplash. They do thane on some slides for me, for heavier riders they should thane almost every slide. The consistency is really good! They slide well overall different types of tar. 

So if you’re looking for wheels that leave nice thane lines I would recommend the ZigZags. They’re good for skaters of all sizes and weights too. 

Nicky Taylor.

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