Product Review: Sabre Cast Precision Trucks

Sabre Precision Trucks Review Longboarding SA 1

Product Review: Sabre Cast Precision Trucks

Written By: Stuart Barnard

Technical Specifications:
8-hole adjustable baseplate
48 Degree baseplate
170mm or 180mm Hanger Width (I had the 180’s)
Axle Height: 64mm
Weight: 410g
Cold Forged 6061-T6 Hanger
Hollow Grade 8 Kingpin
CNC’d hanger pivot
4130 CNC’d axle studs
3mm Axle Rake on both widths
Urethane Pivot Cup

What are you looking for in a truck? Why are you leaning (excuse the pun) towards that one brand? Because the pro’s that ride them have style? Because the guys who descend into madness on those trucks are winning? Because they look good? Because you’ve heard random good commentary on those pieces of metal? Watched a review or two?

Putting something under your feet is always better than having an opinion based on videos, hearsay and what your bro’s think is ‘the shit’. Thanks to L.S.A., I got to do just that. I hope I can accurately describe what it felt like to critically assess something entirely new to me.

I’ve been on Sabres in the past. The ones as wide as a grom’s mouth when they heard Liam Morgan was in town (190mm). They weren’t particularly pretty, but they introduced me to a world of nimble turns and less-constrained free-riding. Sigh, they now lie in mangled tatters on a shelf with fond memories of meetings with pavements and road-debris. So when I jumped on these Precision Sabres, I was expecting much the same feel. Holy ruminant was I wrong.

Sabre Precision Trucks Review Longboarding SA 2

Think Paris on crack. No, not you on top of the Eiffel tower naked with a glass of champagne in the one hand and your unadulterated desires and hopes in the other. I’m talking turn and response-time. I’m talking twitching your gluteus maximus and the board very nearly veering off the road. I was sincerely surprised at the responsiveness of this truck, but amazingly not at the expense of stability. The return-to centre is fantastic in comparison to the agility you feel.

Coming from Rey’s whose turn and response is about as quick as the decision making process in parliament, Sabres took frightened me. I was riding green Sabre bushings (+90) boardside and yellow Riptide (90) roadside. The turn took some getting used to (thanks to that 3mm of rake). However, after a settling-in period the predictable let-go of the truck and immediate snap-back-on-demand started to win me over. The turn, although immediate, is smooth and you really can feel the lean.

This short learning process provided ample opportunity for the trucks to become acquainted with the gutter-trash of our roads. I had no fear as the trucks took smash after smash and the cold-forged aligned grain structure hardly shows a dent. Dragging my board out of the gutter and back up the hill was also lank chilled as these trucks are as much a bunch of lightweights as me and my room-mate first year at Maties (only 410g per truck). Grip in the corners wasn’t a problem either, but that could just be because I still weigh the same as when I was first introduced to a funnel.

Taking them a bit faster wasn’t nerve-racking at all. A little twitch in the setup for a corner happened once or twice, but nothing frightening. You have to remember that the bushing setup will vary for each individual, which contributes volumes to stability (Sabre has loads of bushing options!). I eventually slapped in quadruple 90a barrels and gave a few turns, the feel was another different world; such smooth progression from left to right, down and up. A carve before a heavy layup was effortless and the return from impact even more so.

Sabre Precision Trucks Review Longboarding SA 3

With other options costing nearly twice as much as this truck, it should be your first consideration. Ridiculously strong, lightweight, turny, stable and funking immaculate presentation. These trucks are a must-try for any rider looking into the precision market. At the risk of being considered a lunatic, I seriously considered whether or not to slap my Aeras back on as I’d become so comfortable with the Sabres. Why did I? Well because I bloody-well paid for the Aeras, and I want to give another lucky trucker the chance to ride these blue-and-white beauties!

If you have any doubts about this truck, or more questions, feel free to mail me. Otherwise, just check out all-round mobber Justin Readings taking the Forged for a solid cruise. Sponsored by Switchback, Rayne and being in the game a long time, this guy knows what to put under your feet.

Lloyd Clark also got this video on Sabre Cast Precision Trucks:


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