Flow Riot Invitational Fundraiser

Flow Riot Invitational Outlaw 12

Flow Riot Invitational Fundraiser

Written By: Stuart Barnard 

Pictures By: Ricki Allardice

I missed the bus. Not because of the MyCiti bus strikes. It was because of my lust for my partner and desire to make her happy that I sacrificed my Saturday of skate for a day of woonstel admin. Joy. Naaaaaaaaaaat.

Saturday was the biggie. Dylan’s mo-money maker… the mover and shaker. Big names turned up to hit a small hill. By no means a trivial one at that. Boasting at least 3 viable courses, ‘new course’ was used as the desired race-circuit. Left, right, left, right, right, left, left is the name of the game. Tight turns and roast-burns were the norm.

I pitched up on Sunday. To scrape the tar clean of the leftover scabs with my befokked grippins and race-forms. It was a far more subdued atmosphere and in true skater-style the 10am start was actually a 12pm chill sesh. No matter, the stoke was as high as the sun (or Simian) when we got tight pack-runs under way. Upham senior filmed some raw-runs which got the bearings screaming to go faster and the lines to be tighter and more impressive.

What’s so fantastic about an outlaw is the quiet pressures it does encourage, but the chillaxed feel-good atmosphere it mostly generates. Okes were pushing, cruising and some just oozing with gees.

Final results Saturday:
1. Tom
2. JP
3. Alex
4. Felix
5. Ricki

Flow Riot Invitational Outlaw 1

Prawn final results Saturday: 
6. Brendon
7. Clayton
8. Adam
9. Ruben

Flow Riot Invitational Outlaw 2

Final results Sunday:
1. Alex
2. Nicky
3. Yannick
4. Brendon

Flow Riot Invitational Outlaw 3

Consolation Finals Sunday:
5. Matt
6. Ricki
7. Adam
8. Felix

Flow Riot Invitational Outlaw 4

Matt Arderne won a T-shirt from BoardHub for winning the Consolation final on Sunday.

Flow Riot Invitational Outlaw 5

Nicky T won himself a set of Volante Seratta Wheels sponsored by LongboardingSA for racing on the tiniest, rattiest wheels on Sunday.

Flow Riot Invitational Outlaw 6

Simon Paton won some Vicious Grip Sponsored by Baboon Boards.

Flow Riot Invitational Outlaw 7

Brendon Ryder won a set of Gunslinger Cartwheels for being a steeze machine.

Flow Riot Invitational Outlaw 8

Even without the stoke-prizes, without it being a ‘Save the Wild Dylan’ campaign, the fact that the S.A. scene is growing so rapidly that this can now be a regular occurrence is superb.

Support small local events like this, or MAKE ONE yourself. Let’s grow this sport, yes, sport, into the national treasure Lesotho is potentially viewing it as. Who knows, you might just be grinding yourself some premium coffee, whilst sitting in your sexy B.H. cut-off and screwing on your new LSA-loving-Biltins for going to such efforts, right Ricki?



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