First Outlaw in SA History

Kent Lingeveldt

First Outlaw in SA History

To say that Kent Lingeveldt is a legend of the South African longboarding scene would be a massive understatement. He has been bombing hills and shaping boards since the dawn of time. Kent is deeply involved in his local community and uses skateboarding as a means to deter kids from drugs and gangsterism. He is the owner of Alpha Longboards, the oldest longboard brand in South Africa. You can follow Kent on all his social media channels listed below to find out more about why he is such a legend. Back to the point: This video features a outlaw race that Kent hosted back in 2003/4, the first ever outlaw in South Africa recorded in history. It’s pretty awesome that it was caught on camera!

Kents description of the video: A television piece done on us on national programme, FOKUS. This was us before longboarding and downhill skateboarding became popular. Before we became the cool kids. Before the market got saturated with everyone starting a board, wheel and truck company. Some of the kids who became aduts between when this short piece was filmed and now are no longer with us, succumbing to drugs or violence. Bless you wherever you are. This is also to pay homage to our local hill, 7’s in District Six. Always remember that we choose to share the space with you and that we were there while some of you were still in nappies and we will be there long after you decide that downhill skateboarding is not cool anymore. And then finally, this is also to show that as a “wheeled” family, we can have fun together. Downhill skaters, inliners and street-lugers. Bless!

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