Gravity Magazine: #FeelThePull

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Gravity Magazine: #FeelThePull

Gravity have released two hard copy issues so far, both are currently for sale on our site. Unfortunately, after the second issue was released, they ran into some financial dificulties and have had to postpone the release of the next issue. This is a fine example of the dificulties that longboard companies are faced with in South Africa. The industry here is not as big as it may appear on social media.

That said, we’ve noticed that there has been some activitiy building on Gravity’s social media pages. They have started a blog ( and seem to be promoting the hashtag #FeelThePull (At the moment, that points to a bunch of random posts, mostly about fishing. We’ll let you know if anything changes). They have stated that the magazine is now independent of the magazines previous publisher, Cornerstone Surf and Skate Store and they are calling for ideas to help the magazine get funding and keep it alive. Longboarding SA has supported both issues of the magazine and we hope to be in a possition to support Gravity Magazine Whenever the need arises in the future.

Follow Gravity Magazine on the following social media profiles:
Instagram: @Gravity_Mag
Twitter: @GravityMagZA

Let’s keep Gravity Magazine alive! Follow and interact with them on social media and if you haven’t already, get yourself a copy of the first two issues.

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