Hot Heels Africa Day 1

Hot Heels Africa Day 1 7

Hot Heels Africa Day 1

Written by: Marc Rudolf Photos by: Misha Venter and Lloyd Clark

With the riders meeting and tech inspection done by 10am, at last we’re standing at the top of this awesome road that we only get to skate for one weekend a year. This year it looks like we’ll be treated with slightly milder weather than last year, thankfully!

The first run down is always interesting with the nerves setting in and a lot of questions going through your mind while you try and predict what to expect. No wind down the first straight, so it is going to be fast! First few skaters reluctantly push off the line with a little fear and anxiety in their eyes, throwing in a few man carves to try and control their speed into the right “kink” (actually a corner for all intents and purposes).

The first two practice runs go past quickly with guys getting back into it and settling. Then the conditions suddenly change in this valley of surprises. Slight head wind down the first straight, time to tuck and draft as hard as you can and get as close to your fellow skaters as humanly possible. Everything just flowing smoothly and most skaters getting into double digits with regards to practice runs, smiles all round and excitement starts setting in for the post skate braai and chill session.

Read the IDF’s Report of Day 1 here.

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