Peg Lunar Projects

Peg Lunar Project Longboarding South Africa

Peg Lunar Projects

Written by: Greg Parry
Photo by: Kevin Sawyer

We stuck to our initial scope for the Peg Lunar Projects in 2015. The only prize for the open age group was a special handcrafted wooden ring with a bearing inset for the eventual winner. The event was run on the Mamba Pump track and was run on a round-robin system, which then seeded the riders into knockout brackets. We ran 2 age group categories: Open and 15 and under.

The event was run on the evening of Thursday 2nd July in incredible conditions. With little wind and under the canopy of trees the two smoke machines along with the lasers managed to create a laser barrel down the pump straight for the riders to ride through. Both riders, before the race, got to choose a Highline or low line for the start, thus sending them on different paths down the track, crossing paths and then returning to the finish on the opposite line, in order to create a tight finish. With LED light strips framing the corners of the track, riders had enough light to just see the racing path. Red Bull had their truck and Dj’s pumping out the music, while a local brewery provided the drinks for the evening. In an unreal spectacle, both riders and spectators were engulfed in a trance like exhibition where the limits of skating were pushed for pure stoke and enjoyment.

The event brought over 600 people through the gates and hit its cap of 50 rider entries. Peg team rider Troy O’Sullivan managed to knock out Josh Stevens in the final, to emerge as the King of the PEG Lunar Projects 2015. Josh White was the Junior Champion.

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