St. Helena Outlaw – Event Recap

St. Helena Niva B day Jam Longboarding SA4

St. Helena Outlaw – Event Recap

Written by: Henry Shen

Pics by: Mark Callanan

Yeah, yeah so I’ve been asked to write another review for Longboarding SA. So BOOM! You guys should find a cozy spot to sit down and get your reading glasses on.

A sick shop turned two years YOUNG! Yeah, that’s right Niva Surf Co celebrated their second birthday by hosting yet another awesome event (Fair Cape was their first, in case you forgot). The guys at Niva know how to show their love and support for our community by hosting sick events! St. Helena Outlaw on 17 December 2016 was no exception.

So let me tell you a thing or two about St Helena … That shit is some GANGSTER shit. Way up on the West Coast, it’s THAT road all us skaters dream we had just outside and around the corner. It is just something we skaters love, it has some nice curves. Wide curves for us who like them wide plus some narrow curves for those of us who like them “narrow”. But yes this road is one sick hill that would have many of us FROTHING for days.

Like most events, well outlaws mostly I think it’s natural to see 1 or 2 bails here and there but this day Skatan decided to be a bitch and cursed this road with some itchiness and some voodoo bail curses. BUT us being skaters we didn’t let anything like that stop us! Instead, we continued to defy Skatan. We had some really good slides being busted and we also had some real Stease Cats out there on the day. We also had the privilege to get Mark Callanan out there standing in the sun shooting some sick photos of us Skating… or mostly bailing, in my case. BUT … POINT is Niva Hosted a Sick Event and we couldn’t be more stoked that they did!

1. Blue Goodman
2. Mike Schein
3. Yannick Lussier

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