Gauteng Longboarding Hot Spots – Videos

Juan White Bones

Gauteng Longboarding Hot Spots – Videos

Juan White, Graham Gerber, and Richard Swart went on a Mission to capture some epic shots of some of the best downhill spots in Gauteng!

Dookie Hill

The First Hill on the spot guide is Dookie (aka Shits) in Krugersdorp! Named after the foul smell that comes from the sewerage plant close by, its curves and hairpins are too good to pass by, no matter how bad the smell can be. Being a dead-end road means minimal traffic making it an ideal spot to push your limits! Normally we hit the hill with three corners and a small kink at the end, but Juan makes things interesting by adding an extra turn at the top. This hill is super fun for whatever type of downhill you are interested in. The bottom section with the left kink is super fast and dangerous, don’t bomb through there without spotters. In the video, you will see when Juan handles one of the gnarliest speed wobbles I’ve ever seen in my entire life! Amazing production by the guys and full-on commitment by Juan White.


The next Stop on Gauteng’s Hot spot list is Steepways! Known as Steezeways or Steeze or just Steeps, this spot is known all around the country for its beautiful hairpin turns and its notoriously slippery tar. One can see the bottom of the hill from the top so it is cool to spot for traffic and there is an understanding with the locals so as long as you respect the surroundings this spot will be around for a long time. More detail on the hill here.


This hill hasn’t been skated by many but is a fun-looking quick technical run with some nice lefts and rights. Do not skate without spotters! Always stay in your lane,  if you happen to want to check it out, take a crew and have some spotters at the bigger corners. The tar looks like it’s super smooth at first and slowly gets a bit chunkier as you descend. It is in a suburban area but unlike Steepways in linksfield these homes might not have witnessed the sport too many times. So respect the surrounding houses, bring spotters and stay in your lane and you’ll have a great time in Paardeberg!

Linksfield Drive

This is another hill that has been skated by only a few, spotters are highly recommended, and don’t hit this hill up on your own. Super chunky tar and some technical left and right corners. The stand-out being a big hairpin left-hander, staying in your lane is a must. At the end of the run, you will have to come to a stop by shut downslide or footbrake as there is a boom entrance. Always respect the local residents and rather have a few runs than hit up steepways than hang around this hill too long.


This hill is situated over the hill from Menlyn in Pretoria and is affectionately known as “Bones”, I’m not sure why the name, but the big left-hander makes the name appropriate. Bones usually have people skating there at least once a weekend, so you will always have someone to show you the ropes. Bones is short but sweet. Two corners, one right, one big left. The hill can be bombed but is usually more of a freeride hill due to the steepness.

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