Lesotho Ep.2 Raw Mafiki – Video

Mafika Lisiu Decio Lourenco Gravity Dogz Ep.2 Longboarding SA

Lesotho Ep.2 Raw Mafiki – Video

Decio’s description:

It’s a strange and exhilarating feeling you get when skating down a road that you’re not too sure of what bend is coming up next.

It was the first run of the morning and Nick Hook was frothing so hard he couldn’t contain himself. I was like it’s a long road I’ll catch up at some point, the next thing I knew we were hitting 90+!

Conditions were perfect except for Nick deciding to overcook and front flip himself off the road, while the car struggled to keep up. We were worried for Nick but luckily things weren’t too serious only that he would not be able to skate the rest of the trip, bleak.
Well, this is the run that I continued.

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