Maluti Downhill Adventure – Part 2 Video

Maluti downhill adventure Part 2 video1.1

Maluti Downhill Adventure – Part 2 Video

The part two video in the #MalutiDownhillAdventure trillogy covers days 3 and 4 on the 6 day adventure. You’ll see the shenanigans we get up to on the long drive on the dirt road from Katze Dam towards Mohole Dam. The dirt road eventually ends and turns into pristine asphalt begging to be covered in thane lines.

The hills we found on this second half of the trip were not as long as the 16km Mafika Lisiu that we skated for the first two days but 3km is long enough, right? What these hills lacked in distance was made up for in speed, corners and road surface quality. Yes, can you actually believe we found even better tar? There were so many hills that on some of them we only had time for 3 or 4 runs before we had to move on to the next, each one promising to be better than the previous one.

This video features some of the glorious hairpins that we caressed and many of the mob runs we had. Watch closely as Gabi shows off her boob roastie and avert your eyes when Robin lifts his shirt, unless you’re into that of course… Enjoy!

Maluti downhill adventure Part 2 video1.2

Here is Part 1 if you missed it:

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