#RRM2015 Videos

RRM 2015 Kahlil and Jannick Longboarding South Africa

#RRM2015 Videos

Normally we’d save the best for last but we’re not here to waste your time. Decio Lourenco was the overall winner at RRM 2015 and this is the follow run he did just before racing began. 

Jean Pierre Pellissier is one of the top dogs in the Junior 2 category and unfortunately crashed out in the final. Before that he got this follow run.


Kahlil Dexter-Jadwat and Jannick Lussier had their chance for a follow to run and kept things super tight and fun in this video.

Lloyd Clark is filming in this video. Watch Paul Du Plessis and Raoul Van Den Berg get the exit speed through the hairpin in their quarter-finals race heat. 


Henry Mullers edit:


This is the teaser video featuring all the crashes from the event.

The official video for Riding Road Mountains 2015:

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