Go Skateboarding Day – Greenside, JHB

Go Skateboarding Day 2015 Greenside, Johannesburg

Go Skateboarding Day – Greenside, JHB

Go Skateboarding Day is an official annual holiday conceived by the International Association of Skateboard Companies to promote skateboarding. In 2015 we’ll be celebrating the day with a Poker Push and a game of S.K.A.T.E. at the Concrete Wave Custom store in Greenside. 

Date: Sunday 21 June 2015

Time: 1pm to 4pm

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/486284171530661/

Location: 38 Gleneagles Road, Greenside, Johannesburg.

Poker Push: Skaters must visit 5 different checkpoints and draw a playing card at each one. At the end, the skater with the best poker hand is the winner. On the map below, the red markers indicate the 4 checkpoints and the green marker indicates the start location which will be the final checkpoint too. 

Game of S.K.A.T.E.: One player sets a trick by doing a particular skateboarding trick of their choice. If the trick is not landed, another player attempts to set a trick. Once a trick has been set (landed), the other players must respond by doing the same trick in their first try. If they make it the game continues; if they miss it, they get a letter, starting with S, and so on, until they have missed five tricks, spelling SKATE, and they are out or the game is over. The last man standing is declared the winner.

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