Irene Flash Race – Results

Irene Flash Race Podium Longboarding SA

Irene Flash Race – Results

Pictures by Danai Gud.

Thanks to Torry for hosting the Irene Flash Race with the help of the Jo’burg Longboarders Club. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a successful event, including the sponsors: Longboarding SA, Pioneer DJ Institute, and the Black Sheep.

Look out for details of the next one on the JLC group on Facebook, they’re always posted there first. Anyone can host a Flash Race so host your own if you feel up to it and let us know if you need help.

For qualifying, we ran 2 man heats right down to the final. 

Qualifying Results:

1. Torry Horrigan

2. Danilo Deletic

3. Lloyd Clark

4. Alic Mabie

5. Craig Harvey

6. Graham Gerber

7. Nick Farinha

8. Mark Jansen Van Rensburg

9. Elster Pieterse

10. Nick Fischer

11. Robin Moodley

12. Seb Schneider

13. CJ Nteta

14. James Bahlmann

15. Pieter Van Der Watt

16. Yedidya Falkson

17. Joey Van Der Merwe

18. Brandon

19. Rhett Short

20. Ruan Kleinloog

21. Danai Gud

The final racing was done with four-man heats. 

Final Results:

1. Torry Horrigan

2. Lloyd Clark

3. Danilo Deletic

4. Nick Fischer

5. Alic Mabie

6. Nick Farinha

7. Craig Harvey

8. Mark Jansen Van Rensburg

9. Graham Gerber

10. Seb Schneider

11. Joey Van Der Merwe

12. Yedidya Falkson

13. Elster Pieterse

14. Robin Moodley

15. CJ Nteta

16. Pieter Van Der Watt

17. James Bahlmann

18. Brandon

19. Rhett Short

20. Ruan Kleinloog

21. Danai Gud

Junior Results:

1. James Bahlmann

2. Ruan Kleinloog

3. Tie between: Joey Van Der Merwe, CJ Nteta and Brandon (they crashed and didn’t finish)

Irene Flash Race Junior Podium Longboarding SA

Luge Results:

1. Elster Pieterse

2. Bernie Moolman

3. Marayke Van Der Watt

Irene Flash Race Luge Podium Longboarding SA

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