RRM2015 – Event Recap

RRM2015 Kent Lingeveldt Open Final

RRM2015 – Event Recap

Written by: Alic Mabie
Photos by: Kent Lingeveldt, Louw Sevenster and Mark Callanan 

On the 3rd and 4th of October, all of the most talented downhill skaters from around South Africa met up in Mossel Bay for RRM2015. The road down to Dana Bay’s first beach played host to this year’s race and provided what riders were calling the most challenging course on the circuit complemented by some of the most beautiful scenery you could ask for.

The highlight of the hill is the big left-hand hairpin that requires a perfectly executed, high-speed pre-drift or flat-foot stop to avoid ploughing headfirst into the hay bales. The race organisers took full advantage of the action at this corner and set up the spectator area there and, for the first time at an event of this type in South Africa, spectators were able to watch each race from beginning to end on the big TV’s set up on that corner. In another first for SA, or race day the footage was streamed live on YouTube through Barry Stander’s channel. Barry kept the viewers at home informed on each and every race heat.

All the skaters were ripping, especially the junior 2 categories which seemed very competitive. It was amazing to see all the skaters handling the challenging course. Everyone walked away from the course without any major injuries, except a local junior female rider, Nikita, who broke her foot. Despite the injury, Nikita won herself a Predator DH6 helmet for being such an inspiration to other young skaters.

Congratulations to all the skaters who took part and showed their skill on this hill. A special mention must be made to al those who made it onto the podium.

Luge results:

1 – Elster Pieterse
2 – Bernadine Moolman

Junior 1 results:

1 – Matthew Swanepoel
2 – Shuaib Hendricks
3 – Qua-eed Abrahams

Junior 2 results:

1 – Ryan Morris
2 – Nicky Taylor
3 – Jean-Pierre Pellisier

Open results:

1 – Decio Lourenco
2 – Tom Courly
3 – Raoul Van Den Berg

Masters results:

1 – Lloyd Clark
2 – Mike Upham
3 – John Upham

Thank you again to all the race organisers, especially Mike Sheppard. And another thank you to all the sponsors for making the race possible and giving good reason for skaters to keep coming out to these events.


Follow video of Decio Lourenco at RRM2015:

PFR video of Paul Du Plessis and Raoul Van den Berg beating Lloyd Clark (filmer) in the Quater Finals:

Photos by Kent Lingeveldt:

Photos by Louw Sevenster:

Photos by Mark Callanan:

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